Appointments (only) – 020 77307928 (Central London)- 020 89718026 (Wimbledon)

1-Dr Marion practices:
  •   Disabled patients are advised to choose Parkside Hospital to see Dr Marion.
2-Patients are usually  referred by their GP to the clinic, in particular if they are privately insured.
Patients can be seen without referral, but they will be asked the details of their current drug treatment.
The consultation lasts 45 minutes for a new patient and 30 minutes for a follow up.
A neurology consultation involves a detailed history of the symptoms and a neurological examination.
If the condition requires treatment with Botox injections, this can be done at the same time, if medically appropriates.
3-Dr Marion receives patients with neurological symptoms  such as headache, dizziness, unsteadiness, walking difficulties, memory loss, sleep disorders, facial palsy etc.
Dr Marion is specialised in Parkinson’s disease, in involuntary movements and in the use of Botox in Neurology
4- Dr Marion is recognised by most of the private insurances such as Bupa
AXA PPP, WPA, Simply health…
 a GP referral and a phone call to your insurance to get an authorisation number is required to secure insurance funding.
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