Treatment of Parkinson’s disease, a fine drug tunning

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease, which responds usually well to initial dopaminergic therapy.
Treatment of Parkinson’s disease at every stage from the initial diagnosis to the more advance stage needs long term planning; the occurrence of motor and neuropsychiatric complications has to be anticipated for a better result.
So therapeutic strategies are essential, as a unique universal treatment for PD does not exist!
When complications occur, compromises between mobility and involuntary movements, compromises between mobility and hallucinations have to be carefully considered; experienced neurologists in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease are the most appropriate clinicians for finding the right balance for each individual patient.
Dr Marion is a leading neurologist in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
 Dr Marion had run Parkinson’s clinics both in Paris and in London . She was responsible for the NHS Parkinson’s clinic at St George’s hospital for 12 years.
•She is a leader in the treatment of severe advanced Parkinson’s disease with infusion techniques using Apomorphine SC infusion since 1986 and more recently, jejunal Duodopa infusion.
•She covers all aspects of Parkinson’s disease from new diagnosis to treatment of the complications such as freezing,  dyskinesias, sleep disorders, drooling, falls and hallucinations.
•She has published in the last 3 years  about sleep disorders in Parkinson’s disease, duration of admission in demented parkinsonian patients and also about the complications of treatment with  Duodopa .
•She lectures regularly on the management of advanced Parkinson’s disease.