Focal dystonia-treatment with Botox

Botox treatment represents a therapeutic revolution for dystonic spasms. It is the most efficient treatment, used for 25 years in the treatment of focal dystonia.

The following focal dystonia benefit from the treatment with Botox injections:
–cervical dystonia,
– jaw and tongue spasms,
–writers cramp and musicians cramp,
–voice spasms, laryngeal stridor.
Botox injections required some expertise, in particular in complex cases such as:
•Eyelid blepharospasm (also called apraxia of eyelid opening).
•Cervical dystonia with horizontal (Bali dancer head posture) or sagittal shift ( goose neck and double chin posture).
•Dystonic head tremor.
•Movement disorder of the face ( jaw spasms, tongue spasm, tics, facial palsy).
•Laryngeal dystonia ( spasmodic dysphonia and inspiratory stridor)
•Task specific dystonia (writer’s cramp and musician dystonia)
Dr Marion has published on most of these challenging types of focal dystonia.