Mouth or Jaw dystonia-oro-mandibular dystonia

•Dystonic jaw spasms is more frequently seen in women after the age of 60. It is responsible of difficulty speaking or chewing. Sometimes the tongue is also involved with a tendency to protrude. The spasm can be a closing spasm responsible of clenching teeth, biting tongue, or a opening spasm with difficulty chewing hard food.
•The jaw spasms can be isolated or occuring following the spread of the dystonia from the blepharospasm to the lower part of the fa( also called Meige syndrome).
•Botulinum toxin injections into the masticatory muscles  are the most efficient treatment. If the posture of the jaw is more complex, like jaw protruding or jaw pulled on one side, a careful annalysis of the chewing pattern will guide the muscles selection before injection.
•Injections of the tongue can be performed as Dr Marion has a personal expertise of this type of injections.
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