Treatment of primary hyperhidrosis

•Local treatment with aluminium chloride solution is advised as the first treatment for the armpits sweating.
•Iontophoresis is advised as a initial treatment for plamar-plantar hyperhidrosis.
•When the sweating is affecting many area of the body, anticholinergic ( antimuscarinic type ) drugs such as Oxybutynin or probanthine which are used usually in overactive bladder, can be advised after checking the absence of contra-indications (glaucoma, gastrointestinal disease, myasthenia). The prescription is done after a review by the GP.
•We advise the patient to go on the site of the UK support group: for details about iontophoresis
Treatment with Botox injections of excessive sweating is very efficient and can last 6 to 9 months. It certainly advise before any surgery which can be responsible of  compensatory sweating, with dry hands or armpits but excessive sweating of the trunk.